Andrew is not a “politician as usual.” He’s not a former lobbyist, a former congressional staffer, or a multi-millionaire; he’s a Veteran. He has a proven record of service and just wants to continue to serve his country and community.

Healthcare for All

The Environment

Economic Equality

Defending Democracy

“No one should have to put their life on the line just to get healthcare for their sick child.”

Andrew knows what it’s like to not have access to affordable healthcare. Andrew’s son, Brandon, was born premature, weighing only 3 lbs 10 oz. With a sick child and another one on the way, Andrew knew he needed access to healthcare, but it was difficult to get insurance that would cover his son’s preexisting conditions. His solution was to join the Army. While he is proud of his service, he realizes this shouldn’t be the only path to affordable healthcare.

” I know climate change is real, and I believe we should  be doing something about it.”

Andrew believes in science and climate change. For the past four years Andrew has been working as Director of Operations for Avertica, a small green energy company that has two patents on conductive polymers. These polymers have the potential to improve solar panel technology or to be used in for super conductive batteries. Andrew will support green energy technology and jobs.

“The system is rigged, and we need someone who can stand up to big money interest to make it fair again.”

Andrew knows what it’s like to try to support a family on a minimum wage job. Andrew understands that supporting the Fight for $15 is the first step towards a living wage, which puts us on that path to economic equality.

Other factors, including making sure that unearned income such as profits from hedge funds investments are taxed at the same level as earned income, help make the economic playing field a little more equal.

“I’ve spent my life defending democracy around the globe. I will continue to defend democracy right here at home.”

Andrew served as the chief of the Counter Intelligence Cell in a multinational division that included a Russian brigade. His experience is especially timely given the current political situation and climate.

Andrew understands the need for a “Diplomacy First” policy. Andrew has seen combat up close, and combat soldiers know better than anyone else the true cost of war.

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