Andrew J. Duck is the 15th of 17 children. Born and raised in Maryland, Andrew graduated from Middletown High School in Frederick County. Andrew met his wife Whitney, a Seneca High graduate, fell in love, had a child, and got married. Andrew and Whitney have been married for 36 years and have three children and three granddaughters.

Andrew’s son, Brandon, was born premature. Andrew and Whitney were working minimum wage jobs with no insurance when Whitney went into labor at seven months. After a few weeks on bed rest Whitney gave birth. Brandon was born weighing only 3 lbs 10 oz, and Andrew and his family were suddenly flung into a healthcare crisis. With a sick child and another one on the way, Andrew knew he needed to find health insurance that would cover his son’s preexisting conditions. Andrew found his solution by joining the Army, but he believes “No one should have to put their life on the line just to get healthcare for their sick child.” Andrew supports Medicare for All because he understand the struggle of not being able to afford healthcare.

Andrew is a veteran who served 20+ years in the Army.  He did multiple tours in Bosnia, where the US showed how to do things right, and one tour on the ground in Iraq. After Iraq Andrew was so frustrated with the leadership in Congress, who would not listen to the experts serving on the ground, that he put in his retirement papers when he returned home. Andrew knew he needed to do something to change the leadership in DC and decided to run for office.

Andrew was the Democratic nominee for the 6th District in 2006 and 2010, but the District was considered unwinnable for a Democrat. Andrew fought hard and ran a grassroots campaign that lead to a 9% increase in Democratic voter registration and ultimately paved the way for current Democratic leadership in 6th. Andrew was out here fighting when it was hard and no one else wanted run, and he is still fighting for the 6th today.

For the last four years Andrew has been working as Director of Operations for a small green energy company, Avertica, which is pioneering research on conductive polymers. Avertica has two patents on their polymers, which have great potential to enhance solar panels and potential in super conductive energy storage. Andrew knows climate change is real, and he will continue to support green energy companies and green energy jobs.

After the 2016 election results came in Andrew knew he had to do something to help people move past this divisive election cycle. Less than a week after the election results came in Andrew organized and hosted a Love Trumps Hate Rally in Frederick, MD. Hundreds of people came out to hear Andrew and other prominent local officials speak about how to stay active and get involved with positive political change. That rally grew into the organization Frederick Cares, which Andrew also founded. Also during this time Andrew worked with various groups to help coordinate buses from Frederick to the Women’s March in DC, and helped organize Our Revolution – Western MD. His advocacy did not go unnoticed, and Andrew was once again urged to run for office.

Since announcing his run for office Andrew has met with hundreds of potential voters, political and advocacy groups, done radio promos, and much more! Andrew intends to continue to run a grassroots campaign where he can talk and listen to members of the community.


Next Steps…

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