Andrew is not a "Politician as Usual".  He is the best option for a progressive Democratic candidate for Maryland's Sixth District.  This page will be updated over time to provide additional detail.

We must resist Trump's efforts to move us back!

Andrew is working to build local efforts to respond to the reactionary and authoritarian policies being advanced by the Trump Administration.  He worked to found Frederick Cares, a non-partisan organization focused on local action to support social justice.  We must...

–Defend Constitutional Principles

  • Religious Freedom - No Muslim Ban
  • Ensure Due Process for Immigrants - Demand a stop to ethnic profiling
  • Legislative review of Executive Orders

–Stand Up to Putin

  • Immediate investigation of Russian meddling in American election
  • Continue to resist Russian invasions of Crimea and Ukraine
  • Increase focus on Russian assassinations and murders
  • Maintain sanctions

–Prevent looting of Federal Treasury

  • Enforce the Emoluments Clause
  • No tax breaks for Billionaires
  • Resist efforts to Privatize Government functions such as Social Security, Health Care, Education

We must fight for working and middle-class families!

Andrew supports the Fight for $15, affordable Health Care, the restoration of the Glass-Stegall Act, and other progressive economic policies.  We must...

–Address Economic Inequality

  • Increase Minimum Wage - Fight for $15 as a step to a livable wage
  • Close Tax Loopholes – Tax Unearned Income at the same rate as if you worked for it
  • Expand Social Security – Raise the cap on FICA Taxes
  • Restore Glass-Stegall – Fix our financial markets

–Fix Health Care

  • Defend the ACA
  • Health Care for All – Buy in to Medicare
  • Control Prescription Drug Prices
  • Ensure access to Mental Health Care, Dental Care, Ancillary Medicine

We must act now to reverse climate change!

Andrew does more than talk about stopping climate change.  For the past several years, Andrew has served as the Director of Operations of a Green Energy Research Company, Avertica.  Avertica's research has produced two patents for green energy technology focused on the use of semi-conductive polymers.  We must...

  • Promote renewable energy options – Wind and Solar here at home
  • Take immediate action to roll back Climate Change – Not just reduce carbon pollution, but carbon capture
  • Work at Federal level to Clean Up the Chesapeake Bay – Pennsylvania farmers  should meet the same standards as Maryland farmers