Congressman John Delaney has indicated that he is considering running for Governor in 2018.  The logical person to replace him in Congress is Andrew Duck.  Andrew has been fighting for Democratic and Progressive causes in the Sixth Congressional District for over a decade.  He was the Democratic Nominee to run against Republican Roscoe Bartlett in 2006 and 2010, and his efforts led to the redistricting which transformed CD6 from a sure Republican win to a Democratic-leaning district.

Since 2010, Andrew has remained active in Democratic and Progressive causes.  Andrew has maintained his efforts to counter the right-wing agenda.  Andrew has been a frequent guest on WFMD, the right-wing talk radio station, to present an alternative message.  He believes we need to ensure we talk to everyone, not only those who agree with us.

With the election of Donald Trump, Andrew has recognized the need to step up and increase his efforts to advance the Progressive agenda.


Next Steps...

Support Andrew in his run for Congress!  Andrew needs to raise enough funds to demonstrate that a progressive candidate can compete in this Congressional race.  Donate today!